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Aliat Taiba Plan (Residential Units)
Al-Aqeeq has not only contributed in developing the central area surrounding the Holy Prophet Mosque, but it has also contributed in meeting the increasing demand for residential units and supporting efforts exerted to provide residential units to citizens according to their needs and affordability. Hence, Al-Aqeeq has started executing Aliat Taiba Plan project to consist of more than (400) residential units in different types and areas.
Aliat Taiba Plan project has been carried out on more than 200,000 sqm in Al-Qaswaa district, south to Prince Nayef plan and close to King Fahd park. Aliat Taiba Plan project is one of the largest residential projects developed by the private sector in Al Madina al Munawarah.
The project will also be equipped with all infrastructure services- i.e. electricity, water, phone lines and sewage services, in addition to asphalting driveways and sidewalks. Moreover, it will include several mosques, schools (for both males and females), commercial centers and other facilities.

Carrying out giant projects, Al-Aqeeq Real Estate Development Co. goes side by side the major real estate companies working in the area.

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