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Due to its capabilities and experience in the field of real estate investment, Al Aqeeq Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading real estate companies  in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf region. It was established in 24.01. 1425 H- 15.03.2004, with a capital of SR1,945,960,000.

The company was transformed to a closed joint-stock company in 17.10.1426H -19.11.2005 as per the ministerial decree # 1588.


Company Objectives:

§  Real-estates possession, development, and investment by selling or renting to the company’s benefit.

§  Establishing, managing, operating and maintaining residential and commercial centers, hotels, and furnished apartment.

§  General contracts to build buildings, roads and bridges

§  Buildings management, operation, maintenance and cleanness .

§  Cities cleaning & maintenance.